Congratulations to our 2019 Winners!

The Kootenay Music Awards and Kootenay Co-op Radio want to congratulate and thank all of our Nominees and Winners for their involvement in this year's event. With over 150 submissions and 2,500 votes, it is a great accomplishment just to be nominated. We are so honoured to be able to promote local talent from around the Kootenays and we couldn't do it without their support.


Artist of the Year - NATURALIST

Live at Wicked Woods

Naturalist is made up of Sam Moffat (Mister Moffat) and Caleb Brown (FlatSpin). The brothers from Fernie, BC are known for their diverse selection of music, each bringing their own unique style to the turntables. Their live sets are made up of various styles of house and disco but their studio mixes also share the sounds of downtempo, breaks and drum & bass. They are well immersed in the electronic music scene in Fernie and are a large part in throwing the famous winter bush party The Mogul Smoker. They also launched Naturalist Radio, showcasing music you wouldn't hear in their party sets and music that influenced them before and after they were DJs.

Video of the Year - Post Modern Connection


Post-Modern Connection is an Indie-band based out of Kelowna B.C. Their sound is best described as a blend of indie-soul tinged with jazz and lightly dabbed in psychedelic pop rock. The group gathers inspiration from artists like King Krule, Peach Pit, Alabama Shakes, and Early Eyes. Drawing on experiences from their international backgrounds, the band creates emotionally stirring music that captivates listeners. Vibrant high energy shows, and a distinguishable sound has led them to sell-out headlining performances, opening for, and sharing stage with prominent international and Canadian acts including Desiigner, I M U R, Haley Blaise, Shred Kelly and Little Destroyers. These feats, as well as playing local festivals, headlining Kelowna’s Canada Day celebration, and playing a Red Bull Canada Sponsored event have garnered the band a strong fan base.

Best Pop Song - Charlie PS

  Little Miss Dysfunctional 

Charlie PS considers herself to be a ‘Heinz 57’. Although she grew up surrounded by the 90’s British pop culture, her inspirations come from the R&B divas of the 70’s and 80’s and the rock and blues legends of the 20th century. Upon winning the title of 'Kootenays Best Singer' in 2013 Charlie made her way through the venues and festivals that her small hometown of Nelson BC had to offer and after graduating from Selkirk College's 'Contemporary Music Program' in 2014 she relocated to Vancouver BC.

Best Roots Artist - Mr.Dr.Brotherman

  Fancy Walkin'

Mr. Dr. Brotherman has the steeze to please with the jank to keep your bones rattlin'. Violinist , finger picking guitarist, mouth harpist, pianist and all around music man the Dr. resides in his natural habitat Nelson BC. The Dr. can also cook a mean omelete.

Best Jam Band - The Hillties


The Hillties are a five-piece band (chapman stick, ukulele, guitar, drums and three-part harmonies) based out of Nelson /Victoria BC. Using this unique instrumentation we blend ska/reggae and funk into original music to keep the dance floor bumping all night.


Electronic DJ - Ginger

 Live at Cantina Del Centro

Ginger has been rocking the dance floors since the electronic dance scene started in Nelson. Supporting female DJ's including being a part of the Official:Meow Mix ladies of the Kootenay's. Ginger has rocked every stage over the years at Shambhala Music Festival and has adventured internationally with her music. Ginger is know for her energetic styles to pump up the crowd and has very worldly eclectic selections. She is currently teaching Teen DJ Lessons privately in her studio. Ginger also supports young up and coming adult female dj's by mentoring and offering gigs when the collective Meow Mix plays.

Best Rhythm and Blues - Holly Hyatt

  River Flows

"The river always grounds me and connects me to my home and I really wanted to express that in this song", say's Hyatt about her debut single "River Flows". Holly is a West Kootenay based singer, songwriter and bass player. She grew up in a musical family and has been getting up on stage since she was six years old. She has released three blues and roots albums, as part of the duo Holly and Jon. Their 2016 release "Shufflin the Blues" reached #1 on the Roots Music Report, Acoustic Blues charts. Their 2013 release 1929, was included in the top 10 best Canadian blues albums of 2013. The demo version of her song "Song Close" was nominated for, song of the year at the 2017 Kootenay Music Awards.

Best Rock Song- Astrojet

How Do You Break Up With A Friend?

Astrojet is a new project from Rossland multi instrumentalist and singer, Rupert Keiller (aka FractionOne24 and sonicanimation). "I like tea and riding my bike. Snow is fun but I don't like shoveling. I like all kinds of electronic music. And cookies. Best if they are consumed together."

Best Hip Hop Artist - Mabus

 You Don't Know Me

Morgan McLaren a.k.a Mabus McLaren has been writing, producing, and recording his own music here in Nelson B.C. since the early age of sixteen. Originally being inspired by Hip Hop moguls such as Tupac, Nas, Pep Love, Masta Ace, Sage Francis and many others, Morgan began writing his own poetry and spoken word lyrics, attending poetry jams and open mics regularly, all while releasing over 30 tracks in his graduating year of 2005.

Electronic Producer - Frase

 I Need It Now ft. Fawna

With authenticity and lyrical finesse, FRASE's voice blends the classic sounds of Soul, Hip-Hop, Dub and pairs it with the modern production styles of House and Bass music. FRASE is blurring the lines of contemporary music performance. Beautiful original songs are delivered in a dynamic, up-beat live show where FRASE sings his heart out, plays guitar and keys, all while mixing his tracks Dj style in Ableton Live. Doubling up the performance aspect of the live show is dancer, choreographer percussionist and vocalist, Embody MVMT.