The 7th annual Kootenay Music Awards are excited to announce the new award categories for 2019. Please take a moment to review them as they have changed from past years. The categories are intended to be quite broad, however, if you do not see one that suits your music we suggest you apply anyway and we will try to be as accommodating as possible.

Thanks you to all the of the Artist that submitted for this year's Kootenay Music Awards!


Best Roots Song

  • Songs that incorporate elements of various roots music styles, including Country, Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Bluegrass, and Reggae. Open to any song with a twang and songs that use offbeat rhythms and percussive bass.

Best Rock Song

  • Songs with a thick massive sound, power and speed, including Metal, Punk, and good ol’ Rock n’ Roll. Open to any songs with epic guitar solos and fast drum beats.

Best Electronic Producer

  • Open to anyone who creates songs made on your laptop or in a studio using electronic/digital instruments, synthesizers, drum machines, etc… .

Best Electronic DJ

  • Open to anyone who demonstrates exceptional DJ abilities, creativity, and technique. Has had a major influence in the DJ culture across the Koots.

Best Jam-Band/Artist

  • Includes Fusion, Experimental, Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock, Synth-Jazz, Live Looping, Electric Acoustic, and Extended Improvisation. Artists that focus on creating unique performances for every show. Set lists vary from night to night and songs often serve as sketches for musical exploration rather than as defined structures.

Best Pop Song

  • Songs with a memorable chorus, catchy hooks, and a simple melody, including Singer-Songwriter and Adult Contemporary. Open to any song that makes you want to sing along.

Best Hip-Hop Artist

  • Stylized rhythmic music, rapping, and rhyming speech. Spoken word and a lyrical genius.

Best Rhythm & Blues Song

  • Songs that are rooted in African American musical traditions from the early 1900s, including Blues, Soul, Jazz, World and Funk. Open to any song with call and response lyrics and a groovy bass line.


Peoples' Choice:

Artist of the Year

  • Every act that is nominated for an award category is eligible to win Artist of the Year. To be voted on by the people (you!) between March 4th and March 18th.

Best Music Video

  • Each video will be uploaded to our website and voted on by the people (you!) between March 4th and March 18th.