Sexton Blake

Go Outside

Sexton’s music is innovative and energetic with hip-hop, indie, synth-pop and electro influences, from the garage to the home studio to you. Miss Blake has a degree in opera and a certificate in musical theatre and has written and produced numerous musicals with Iron Mountain Theatre over the past 10 years. Now, she is telling stories differently through her songwriting and sharing with the world what is important to her – talking about anxiety, learning to say NO, reacting to the news, and LOVE.

Jelayna Murdoch


Jelayna Murdoch is a twenty-two-year-old singer/songwriter born and raised in North Vancouver, B.C. She is currently studying vocals and guitar at Selkirk College, where she is expanding her musical knowledge and lyrical expression. Jelayna expresses her introspective and emotive personality through her creative, honest, and poetic lyrics. Inspired by the music of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and Neil Young, Jelayna uses imagery and metaphor to create vividly descriptive songs.



kaptchaa is Ryall Giuliano and JoshGuthriee, two longtime friends who have used music as a platform to express their creative curiosities and existential philosophies. Over the years they’ve performed in bands across southern Ontario, hosted after-hours dance parties and house shows. These new Nelsonites are now in the early stages of developing their latest and more digitally based project: kaptchaa.

Shred Kelly


Soaked in electric crescendos and folk-tinged sing-along anthems, Shred Kelly is known for their high energy live show that ignites dance floors with their alternative folk sound. Over four albums, the five British Columbians have developed their signature sound by taking inspiration from the mountains they hail from and the people who inhabit them. Shred Kelly has seamlessly fused traditional instrumentation with modern rock, presenting a sound that is both unique and compelling.

Lisa Nicole

Mad About It

Lisa Nicole’s 2016 “Come Find Me” release included two radio single releases and a national tour that included 30 media interviews and 15 shows in Canadian cities as diverse as Toronto, London, Halifax, Calgary, and Charlottetown. In 2017, Lisa Nicole enjoyed highlights like Canadian Music Week Showcase and a return to Nashville, which saw her share a stage performance with Keith Urban. Next up is the 2018 release of "Mad About It", her third radio single from "Come Find Me".


My True Love

Well crafted storytelling songs, with innovative melodies in a retro style, are the signature of Allensong. A unique melodic guitar picking style and compelling harmonies produce a romantic soundtrack that enhances the lyrical story in songs about life, love, and the human condition. Their sound will captivate your imagination as you discover your own personal truths in the stories. Paul's rich baritone voice has been consistently compared to Johnny Cash. Paul was born in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Heavy Airship

I Can't Quit You Baby

With a thunderous sound, Heavy Airship descends on the Kootenay region of British Columbia like a storm coming in from the Misty Mountain. In just a short time the Nelson-based Led Zeppelin tribute has gained a faithful following in the area and has shared the stage with the likes of Dr. Hook and the legendary AC/DC tribute act BC/DC. Recreating the classic sound of Led Zeppelin, Heavy Airship consists of Craig Thiessen on vocals, Gus Dixon on guitar, Quillan Hanley on bass guitar and Eddie Thomas on drums.

The Johnny Mccuaig Band

The Johnny Mccuaig Band draw on Canada’s rich, cultural mosaic to create an original mix of musical genres that stand out in the crowd. We’re talking a super fun blend of adult contemporary rock, pop, and blues combined with their not-so-secret weapon: bagpipes! They consistently thrill fans with their one-of-a-kind live show that bursts with energy and positive vibes. This group has electrified audiences in Sweden, Japan, Canada, Mexico and The U.S.A.  With their new release “Lions as Ravens” coming out Sept of 2018, TJMB is set to be a household name.

FRASE ft. Dead Horse Beats

She Said 

FRASE is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer originally from Montreal and is now residing in Ymir, British Columbia. As a solo artist FRASE has been touring Internationally since 2015. Blending the sounds of Soul, Hip-Hop, Dub and Blues with the modern dance floor flavours of House and Bass music, FRASE pulls from the retro while pushing to the future.

Ella and Talel

The art of making music with a lifelong friend is truly magical. Friends for nine years, Ella Korth and Talel McBriar have merged their musical abilities to produce a harmonious duo of singing and instrumentals. Both raised in Nelson BC, Ella and Talel, now seventeen and eighteen, have been playing folk music together since they were fourteen.

The Burn Ins
Ain't Nobody Watching Me

Elkford BC band The Burn Ins are signed to BC community record label Mighty Speck Records. Their bluesy indie-rock sound will take you on a delightfully dark journey into a foot-stomping good time. Members include Aaron Lyall on drums and bassist Kristine Lyall fronting the accompanying band with her own brand of soulful vocal stylings.

The Life of Brain

Rainboard is a two-piece space rock outfit. Tom Reimer and Lyndon Schiewe form this lush guitar and drums duo. Their mountainous homes of the West Kootenay region of British Columbia provide a perfect backdrop to writing their shoegaze-tinged brand of noise rock.

The New Gramophones
The Letter

Zaim Paine is a graduate of Selkirk College's Digital Film Program (back when it still existed). She also took TV Production at SAIT in Calgary. She's operated her own Video Production company since 2010, called Interplay Productions.

The New Gramophones is a 5-piece Old-School Soul, Retro-Pop and Swing-era Jazz band based out of Nelson, BC. Playing re-imaginations of hits from the golden era of vinyl and honouring artists such as The Beatles, Nina Simone, Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding and Jimi Hendrix, the New Gramophones' fresh takes on timeless classics bring a new twist to familiar favourites, delighting audiences of all generations.

Brett Wildeman
The Light

Brett Wildeman is a guitar strumming, nature-loving musician and cyclist who shares his passion for music and the environment through his unique projects and creative initiatives.

Dawson Rutledge
Same Old News

Jonathan Robinson is a freelance film-maker in living in Nelson. He won the 2017 KMA's "Best Music Video Award", the Civic Theater's #FermentingAwesome grand prize, and Selkirk's "Student Life" award. His company motto is "Everything is Ephemeral...Capture the Moments."

Dawson Rutledge is a hip, award-winning, sophisticated young songwriter from Cranbrook. He's a unique vocalist, and serious about his craft. Dawson has just returned from a West Coast USA Tour, promoting his new album "Monsters".

Meter Bridge

The truth at last… Meter Bridge is Richard Kleef and Jill Beaulieu. Playing and recording since 2011, they have jointly created an expansive catalogue of tracks. Undaunted by continuous positive feedback, this quirky couple is always creating new work. Their influences include Cluster, Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, The Cocteau Twins, Magazine, The The, and St. Savior. Picture David Bowie, Groove Armada, Hot Chip and the Knife melded into thoughtfully arranged original compositions. 

The Hillties

The Hillties are a five-piece band (chapman stick, ukulele, guitar, drums and three-part harmonies) based out of Nelson /Victoria BC. Using this unique instrumentation we blend ska/reggae and funk into original music to keep the dance floor bumping all night.

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